Tracking your RIDE

RIDE DC introduces DC’s first-ever indoor cycling performance tracking software!

Each RIDE bike will be equipped to monitor clients pedaling speed, calories burned, heart rate, mileage and various other statistics. Nothing overwhelming, just a few numbers to help you maximize goal achievement and help you become fitter, faster and stronger!

These  performance metrics will be stored to clients’ private online profiles and RIDErs will be automatically notified on their goal progress following each class. They can also self-select for their numbers to appear on the RIDErboard at the front of the class to compete with fellow RIDErs.

Power: the rate at which energy is used over time, and is measured in watts. This is a snapshot of how hard you are working at a given point in time. Power is a combination of RPM and bike resistance. If you reduce your resistance on the bike, but pedal at a higher RPM (cadence), your actual power will increase.  Fun fact…1 horsepower = 746 watts!!

Average Power: your average output over the course of a RIDE. A Tour de France RIDEr will average 200-300 watts for a four-hour stage. Most individuals can only sustain this for an hour or so.

RPM (Cadence): since power is work over time, there are two ways to increase your power: You can boost the actual force on the pedal, or you can increase the number of times the pedal goes around in a minute. That is cadence.

Energy: the accumulation of power in watts measured in Kilo Joules (KJ).

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