The Crew

Zac S.

Zac is a consultant by day, and an indoor cycling guru at night. His passion for fitness began as a teen when he was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, which motivated him to adopt a fitness-centered lifestyle that would also maximize his cardiovascular strength. Nearly fifteen years, and twelve triathlons later, Zac found indoor-cycling as a long-term solution to his health and fitness challenges. Book a RIDE with Zac!

Collin W.

This accomplished Ironman brings the fundamentals of cycling to RIDE DC with two goals – creating a challenging workout that is both fun and filled with great music. In college, Collin fell in love with the sport of triathlon and has been swimming, riding and running ever since. He has competed in several Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman distance triathlons including Ironman Louisville and Ironman Arizona. Book a RIDE with Collin!

Kristen L.

Kristen was a indoor cycling convert after she discovered the addictive power of full-body RhythmRIDE! A firm believer in not wasting a second when working out, her classes are jam packed with rhythmic pushups and tap backs! Come take your cardio routine to the next level in a 45-minute FULL body workout! When off the bike, she enjoys a good boozy brunch and hanging out with her puppy, Kobe. Book a RIDE with Kristen!

Katie M.

From spinning, hot yoga, running, bootcamp and barre, Katie brings her experience as an athlete and passion for fitness to Ride DC! Her classes are all about letting the beat and rhythm push you, building endurance and having a blast! She motivates RIDErs to reach their goals and feel like a champion, in and out of the saddle. Clip-in, rock out and RIDE ON with Katie!

Dru R.

An avid road cyclist and bike commuter, Dru’s passion for outdoor riding brought him to indoor cycling after experiencing a(nother) harsh DC winter. A Schwinn certified instructor, Dru brings a realism to his class, intertwining cycling analogies and anecdotes with high energy music to drive the RIDE. When not on a bike, Dru works at a law firm and teaches courses on Hip-Hop at an area college.

Marcy S.

From yoga and barre, to runs in Rock Creek Park, this U St. resident brings the diversity of her own fitness routine to RIDE. A lifelong ice hockey player, Marcy takes pride in building a team environment to energize and sustain an invigorating RIDE. In her classes, music does the talking, so you may find yourself climbing to Kanye, sprinting to Ke$ha or synching up with the beat of some old-school ‘90’s tunes. Book a RIDE with Marcy!

Richard O.

Known for his Latin beats, occasional impromptu dance moves off the bike and his commanding coaching skills, Richard will motivate you to RIDE your best! He has actively coached indoor cycling for eight years and is well-known for his enthusiasm and energy. Richard welcomes all fitness-levels to attend his classes because he believes we have a common goal—“to create strong, fit and healthy bodies.” Book a RIDE with Richard!

Megan H.

A marathon runner looking to spice up her training, Megan fell into the world of indoor cycling and never looked back. This self-proclaimed gym rat understands the power of positive energy, infusing her classes with heart-pounding intensity that will help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. Passionate about breaking a sweat, Megan uses the backdrop of the beat to push you to your edge. Book a RIDE with Megan!

Stephen M.

Stephen is a DC transplant from NYC, having recently graduated with his M.F.A. in Classical Acting from the Shakespeare Theatre Company. He has appeared onstage at venues throughout the city, including Signature Theatre, Arena Stage, Keegan Theatre and the Studio Theatre. An actor by trade, Stephen has been dancing since high school and brings that musicality and rhythm to his RIDEs! A veteran barre instructor for over 2 years, Stephen is thrilled to bring that experience to the bike and make every class a dance party. Music-driven and rhythm-focused, Stephen believes all workouts can be elevated with the right soundtrack! Book a RIDE with Stephen!

Meghan F.

Megan aspires to create a playful refuge from the stresses of urban living at RIDE DC. She designs each class to ignite positive energy and dissolve habitual patterns of thought and movement. Her beats and moves are always fun, fresh, and unexpected. As a former college athlete, Meghan appreciates the power of the pack to motivate and inspire. In her class, you’ll move to an accessible collective rhythm, while pushing your individual edge with resistance. Book a RIDE with Meghan!

Shafer M.

If you RIDE with Shafer, you will push yourself harder than you ever have in an indoor cycling class before! He lost over 100 pounds through indoor-cycling, and knows how to inspire change inside and out. His pulse-pounding RIDEs draw from his passion for life and music, creating a high-energy and a high-intensity RIDE experience! Book a RIDE with Shafer!

Michelle T.

Michelle is a health and fitness enthusiast who has made indoor cycling a part of her regular workout routine for over ten years. A former competitive athlete, Michelle will push RIDErs to challenge themselves, while keeping class fun and upbeat through great music and positive coaching. She strives to leave RIDEs feeling stronger, healthier and more confident after each class! Book a RIDE with Michelle!

Emily S.

An ACSM-certified personal trainer and an ACE-certified group exercise instructor for over 15-years, Emily teaches a high-energy class that will help you meet your fitness goals whether you’re a beginner or an experienced RIDEr. As a mom with a busy work and family schedule, she knows how important it is to enjoy your workout and maximize your free time. Join Emily for a music-inspired RIDE that will have you singing while you absolutely crush it on the bike!

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